Bachelor of Science

Digital industry

Studying and shaping the future on the side? No problem! With the dual study program at JUMO.

Your profile:

  • Completed vocational training (in the electrotechnical, information technology or commercial field) and subject-specific or general technical/higher education entrance qualification
  • good performance in mathematics, German and English
  • mathematics achievement course for technical courses of study of high importance
  • analytical skills, conceptual way of thinking and a structured way of working
  • independence, ability to work in a team and reliability
  • organizational and communication skills as well as assertiveness
  • Ability to work under pressure, perseverance, high willingness to learn and commitment

Organizational principles:

  • The dual study program combines a scientific study with a practice-integrated training in the company.
  • The study program lasts 3 years and is divided into 6 study semesters, each with 12 weeks of theory and 12 weeks of practice.
  • At the end of the 12-week theory phases, examinations are held for the completed modules. The 6th semester is used, among other things, for writing the bachelor's thesis.
  • The degrees of accredited dual study programs are equivalent to those of universities and universities of applied sciences and allow access to master's degree programs at universities in Germany and abroad.

Does this apply to you?

Are you looking for a course of study with technical and business management content? Are you interested in the combination of basic knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering and automation technology together with subject-specific lectures in business administration and the digitalization of industrial business processes? Do you want to understand business processes holistically and implement new ideas in products and processes? Then the Industrial Engineering - Digital Industry degree program is just right for you.

... and this is how the study program works:

During the basic studies, you will be taught the fundamentals of technical and business administration in the theoretical phases at the dual university. Lectures are held in mathematics, physics/mechanics, design, electrical engineering, computer science, finance and accounting, business administration, and process and quality management. In the main study period, the lectures are expanded to include the topics of production management, digitalization of industrial production and business processes, and data management. In the practical phases, the focus is on the interdisciplinary application of the theoretically learned knowledge. In some cases, this takes the form of independent project work, which is supervised by a contact person in the specialist department. In the dual study program, theoretical content is combined with practical implementation. Here you also benefit from the experience of the employees. These practical phases can take place both at the headquarters in Fulda and abroad.

... and after graduation:

... Thanks to your excellent engineering and business education, you will have the opportunity to work as a project manager in middle management or at the middle management level in a wide range of departments. The field of application ranges across the entire value chain, including data generation and use as well as digital transformation and implementation of digitally networked processes. Depending on your personal goals and commitment, a wide range of career opportunities and international assignments to our subsidiaries are possible.