JUMO PCA3000 evaluation and visualization software with new functionality

The option of designing your own “output forms”, which allows you to put your own company logo and present your report data in a company-specific way, in various output formats (such as Excel, PDF, CSV, ASCII, etc.), has made it far easier for many users to transfer the recorded process data to their own archive systems. JUMO also provides services to help you create and design the requisite forms.

Important details often have to be analyzed when evaluating the process data. As well as precisely accurate test-point searching or searching for any message text entries that have accompanied the process, it is also important to retrieve your own, subsequently attached notes (similar to hand-written comments). PCA3000 can meet this requirement with its new note function, with accompanying search and filter functions.
Something that, with many process records, is sometimes only possible to achieve by intensively searching through the process data for hours, regardless of whether records are in paper form or whether they were initially digital, can now be shortened to a few seconds or minutes by the targeted, new search request functions of the PCA3000.
Thanks to a “Quick Start Agent” on a “USB plug-and-play” message basis in the PCA3000 software, users have even faster access to the evaluation of their recorded data via USB memory stick or CF card storage media. This means that the correct application for evaluation starts up as soon as you plug in the data storage medium.
With the launch of the new PCA3000 functions, JUMO is complying with demands from its customers for a highly efficient and modern evaluation of process data, that is state-of-the-art and in keeping with the paperless recording ideal.

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