Financial Year 2009 JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

As in previous years, the majority of sales generated by JUMO in 2009 were also at home. JUMO Germany realized a turnover of 106 million euro. As with the situation in Germany, it did not prove possible to maintain sales worldwide at the 2008 level, and these fell to 140 million euro. By way of contrast, the JUMO subsidiary in China was able to achieve a staggering increase in turnover of more than 50%. In 2009, the export ratio of the JUMO Group was around 53%. At year end, the order book stood at more than 34 million euro.

For the 2010 financial year, the corporate group is advising a total turnover of 151 million euro. This corresponds to an increase in turnover of 7.9%.

Employment situation
As at December 2009, the JUMO corporate group employed a total of 1670 men and women. Of these, 1142 – including 101 apprentices – were working at the Fulda location, 43 in branches and offices throughout Germany and 485 in subsidiaries abroad. This means that, compared to the previous year, JUMO employed 86 less people.

31 new apprentices were engaged at the start of August 2009. JUMO would again like to offer as many apprenticeships as possible in 2010, to encourage the next generation of qualified trainees and to give young people the opportunity for a professional career.

News from at home
Suggestions for operating improvements
Also in 2009, the JUMO corporate group succeeded in effecting many improvements and implementing ideas on the basis of the many suggestions that were once again received from the workforce.
Not only was a cost saving of more than 254,000 euro ascertained, it was also possible to improve numerous organizational and informational procedures, as well as further optimizing the technology.
In the 2009 financial year, a total of 230 suggestions for improvement were submitted by 165 men and women. The participation quota was 15% of the total workforce, the recognition quota amounted to 61%.
The biggest bonus was awarded to the suggestion for improvement submitted by Günter Appel, from “Sensor Manufacturing”. He succeeded in saving a considerable amount of money, as well as greatly increasing throughput, by changing round and optimizing one of the processes used to sputter temperature sensors.
The group suggestion made by Uwe Betz, Peter Wenzel and Bernhard Hohmann from the “Dial Thermometers” section made it possible to replace an expensive welding method by vacuum-brazing.

The group mentioned above, supported by Wilfried Appel, made a further suggestion with high savings potential: a flanging method which, because of its flexibility, could be used to optimize time and therefore cost.
A ceremony was held, at which management, personnel and the works committee recognized the achievements of their staff, and congratulated them on their many good ideas.

JUMO worldwide
JUMO continues to grow: a new subsidiary
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Since January 1 this year, there have been 23 subsidiary companies in the Fulda-based JUMO corporate group. JUMO Austria, the second-largest JUMO location abroad, set up its sixth separate first-tier subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is thus a second-tier subsidiary to JUMO Fulda.
JUMO has had a presence in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia territory for more than 30 years. Before support for the entire territory of Yugoslavia was taken over by their own sales representatives, the market was covered by export management companies. Finally, in 2007, a separate sales office was established in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
By setting up a subsidiary company in Doboj-Istok, JUMO Austria has further extended JUMO activities in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market. In addition to offering advice and project planning, as well as selling the measurement and control systems, the subsidiary company provides commissioning, servicing and repair services for the instruments.

One of the biggest advantages of establishing the subsidiary is that sales can now be invoiced in the local currency. This makes it easier to obtain JUMO instruments, particularly for smaller customers, as they no longer have to allocate the foreign currency and the activities associated with importing are no longer required.
JUMO’s presence in this important market is a considerable boost to their international competitiveness.

Prospects for 2010
Following the global recession of the past year, economic experts are expecting the signals to become increasingly positive in 2010, and for there to be a slight increase in economic output.
The Electronics Industry in Germany was not spared last year and has had to accept a steep decline in sales of around 25%. According to the experts, the situation this year should improve once more. Although with a growth rate of 3 to 4%, we can only speak of recovery, rather than upturn.
The three Managing Partners, Bernhard, Carsten and Michael Juchheim are quite certain that, thanks to their highly qualified and motivated workforce, and with the aid of their 23 separate subsidiary companies, as well as numerous agencies abroad, the JUMO Group will be able to retain their hold on the international measurement and control systems markets, even in this economically difficult year of 2010.

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