JUMO Wtrans B Programmable head transmitter with wireless transmission

The new JUMO Wtrans B transmitter model has a universal measurement input for resistance thermometers, resistance potentiometers, thermocouples and mV signals and can measure temperature and liquid level, as well as other process signals.

The flexibility of the head transmitter is underlined not only by the 24 retained resistance thermometer/thermocouple characteristics, but also by customized linearization with up to 40 value pairs or by the use of a 4th order polynomial.
Under these conditions, there are considerable potential stock management savings to be made for plant builders and converters, as the model can be used for diverse applications.
The associated setup program for easily and quickly configuring the wireless transmitter has a function for automatically determining coefficients for the customized linearization, which saves an enormous amount of time when creating a special characteristic.
The Wtrans B transmits the acquired process signal over the 868.4 MHz radio frequency of the unlicensed ISM band and achieves a free-field transmission range of up to 300 m.
The wireless transmitter can be rapidly integrated into the Wtrans receiver system, allowing measurements to be taken in places that for physical or economic reasons, had previously been deemed inaccessible. As much as 90% can be saved on installation compared to traditional, wired equipment, where it is not uncommon to see an installation price of up to 50 euro per running meter.
The compact, mechanical implementation of the wireless transmitter with its totally encapsulated electronics and screw-in antenna housing with integrated battery compartment, is housed in a sturdy, industrial design with IP 65 protection.
Firstly, this allows it to be quickly and safely mounted for use in a DIN terminal head of form B or larger. But thanks to the standardized 20mm screw fitting of the antenna battery housing, it can also be installed in many other mounting devices.
A wide range of operating temperatures from
–30 °C to +85 °C ensures that it can be used and operated faultlessly under adverse environmental conditions.

This product can be used for diverse applications in the process and plant industries, and rounding it off is the setup program online chart option, with which users can implement simple visualization and online recording of the acquired process values via the Wtrans receiver system’s RS485 interface.

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