New CO2 Measuring Probes for Air Conditioning in Buildings

JUMO has expanded its highly-successful air conditioning product portfolio that includes hygro transducers / hygrothermal transducers with measuring probes for the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2). The generators work according to an infrared principle that features a patented auto-calibration process to ensure superior accuracy for years.

Now heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems can be controlled either by the process variables humidity and temperature, by the concentration of CO2 (air quality), or by other suitable combinations to meet various requirements and time constraints. That helps reduce energy costs and is especially important for the economical operation of large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, or public facilities.

With the new CO2 measuring probes available in indoor and duct versions, rooms, halls, and other indoor spaces can be ventilated for only the precise time that is actually necessary. Precisely controlled air exchange ensures a healthy room climate and optimum physical comfort.

The patented auto-calibration process is designed to independently compensate for any aging effects and guarantees outstanding long-term stability. Of course JUMO guarantees the reliability of the measured values and excellent measuring accuracy that the previous device line has achieved for the new CO2 measuring probe. Measuring ranges can optionally extend through 0 to 2000/5000/10,000 ppm. Standardized analog outputs with 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA are available for the measuring signal.

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