Internationalization and automation as opportunities

JUMO Looks Confidently Toward the Future

Almost 60 % sales growth in the last 10 years, subsidiaries in 24 countries around the world, and innovative products for future growth industries: for the executive shareholders in the JUMO corporate group, Bernhard and Michael Juchheim, there are many good reasons to look toward the future optimistically.

"In the last 10 years, we managed to register above-average sales growth, which also had a positive effect on our recruitment policy," explained Bernhard Juchheim. In the past year, JUMO generated about 221 million euro worldwide with around 2,200 employees.
Significant sales were made abroad. In the Asian region, it was possible in some cases to achieve double-digit growth rates each year. The export ratio of the corporate group is over 50 %. "The international growth is helping us to secure jobs in Germany," continued Bernhard Juchheim.

With its more stringent demands for high-quality measurement and control technology, Industry 4.0 is bringing outstanding future opportunities for JUMO. The concentration on future-oriented industries such as water and wastewater engineering is also a part of the success model.

"We are consistently evolving from a component supplier into a systems supplier that can supply customers all over the world with integral solutions from a single source," adds Michael Juchheim. He cited the example of JUMO Engineering, which was only launched this year but already established itself as a model for success. He pointed out that the new service offering included the entire project management for a wide range of industries. "It is also important to open up new measurands for our corporate group," emphasized Michael Juchheim. This year, for example, a new series of flowmeters was launched on the market.

A milestone for the company was also the construction of a new sensor plant for 600 employees in Fulda. "This is not only the largest investment in our company history, but it is also a clear statement of our plans for further growth in Germany," emphasized Michael Juchheim.

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