New two-state controller with Ex (ia) input according to ATEX

JUMO exTHERM-DR Protects with Certified Safety

JUMO exTHERM-DR rounds off JUMO's range for safety technology. This two-state controller can be configured for heating or cooling processes, has Ex II approval, and is particularly well suited to use in trace heating, the process and chemical industry, fuel and heat technology, or painting and drying systems.

The intrinsically safe Ex (ia) measurement input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current standard signals allow corresponding type-tested sensors to be connected directly. As a result, barriers are no longer required.

In addition to the "controller" relay output, the device has a second relay output for limit value monitoring. A logic signal of 0/10 V is available for controller output and limit value signaling. The current measured value or the setpoint value of 4 to 20 mA is issued via the standard analog output as an alternative to the logic signal.

JUMO exTHERM-DR features an LCD display to show all relevant process information. Startup can be easily performed on the device using four keys or via the USB interface on the front with a user-friendly setup program.

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