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21 JUMO trainees have completed their training

The professional life can come!

Fulda, 22.09.2020. Twelve technical and nine commercial trainees of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG have successfully mastered the first step for their professional future and now proudly hold their examination certificates in their hands. The best results were achieved by Laura Gefner and Jonas Fast.

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It was a great concern of the Managing Director Dimitrios Charisiadis to personally congratulate the graduates, even in times of the Corona pandemic. While observing the rules of hygiene, he therefore thanked them together with the personnel management, the works council and the trainers in a small ceremony for their extraordinary commitment in the last few months: "Especially in these uncertain times, we are very keen to build on the know-how of our next generation and to promote and challenge it. Together we want to take the path to the future.

As one of the largest employers in the region, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG sees it as a clear task to offer junior staff high-quality training, even in difficult times. Alexandra Dantmann, Head of Human Resources, also emphasized this: "Despite the special circumstances during Covid-19, our trainees did not allow themselves to be unsettled and can now look forward to their professional careers with pleasure.

Special thanks were expressed to the training managers Tamara Stauch and Frank Blasinger as well as the technical trainers Frank Decher, Thomas Plur, Sebastian Krenzer, Raphael Gutmann, Daniel Gäbler, Melanie Wilfling and Karsten Röth, who have successfully accompanied the junior staff in recent years and prepared them excellently for their examinations.

The 21 trainees who successfully passed their exams are Laura Gefner, Simon Hähner, Lukas Roth, Marek Staudt (each an industrial electrician), Lukas Bergmann (specialist for metal technology), Jonas Fast, Jannik von Keitz (each an industrial mechanic), Kevin Scherf, Jonathan Weber, Pascal Winheim (each an electronic technician for devices and systems) Kira Morshäuser (glass apparatus maker), Michelle Schwerdt (technical product designer), Hannah Elm, Inken Kasper, Jakob Lorenz, Charlotte Müller, Laura Hildebrand, Torben Müller, Anne Szymiczek, Julian Tschöpe (each industrial clerk) and Moritz Schneider (IT specialist)

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