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The somewhat different social project of JUMO's youth and trainee representation

A game for the "Little Heroes"

The trainees of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG are always delighted with the annual social project. Due to the Corona crisis, however, it had to be completely restructured this year. Nevertheless, thanks to the organization by the Youth and Trainee Representation (JAV), it was possible to realize a trainee project that spans all professions and apprenticeships.


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In coordination with the JAV, it was decided that a personalised board game would be produced for the children's and youth hospice "Kleine Helden e.V.". The task of the trainees was to collect suggestions about the look and ideas for the implementation. After the basic conditions for the production were clarified, the game was produced and designed in the in-house training workshop.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the social project could only be implemented with a small team this year. The industrial trainees Noah Faust, Jonas Fast and Jannik von Keitz as well as Michelle Schwerdt (trainee technical product designer) and Nico Schneider (trainee industrial clerk) were involved.

The handover of the game was initially planned for May, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Kleinen Helden club. Due to the current situation, however, the anniversary was postponed until next year. Since the children and young people should be given pleasure especially in these times, the game was handed over to Carina Hillenbrand (Fundraiser Kleine Helden e.V.) by Anne Szymiczek and Tamara Lotz (youth and trainee representative), including a private donation of 500 Euros from the managing director and shareholder Bernhard Juchheim.

The children's and youth hospice "Kleine Helden e.V." cares for seriously ill children and young people as well as their families and friends. Those affected are accompanied in their homes or in hospitals by qualified volunteers who are specially trained for these tasks. Many of the children belong to the risk group of SARS-CoV-2 and therefore need special protection and support.

JUMO attaches great importance to training, and this involves much more than just imparting specialist knowledge. It is intended to enrich the wealth of experience, promote social skills such as teamwork, sensitivity and tolerance, and convey a sense of social responsibility. These were the goals for the implementation of this year's successful social project.

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