JUMO AQUIS touch S - Innovative, modular multichannel measuring instrument for liquid analysis

Measure – display – control – record: Terms that have been closely associated with the JUMO brand for decades. Now an ongoing new development project by JUMO – the measuring and control specialist – has given them a new meaning. These four tasks have been combined into a single innovative device for a field that promises to gain importance in the future – liquid analysis.


Whether pH or redox value, electrolytic conductivity, resistance of ultrapure water, temperature, disinfecting measurement parameters (such as free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid), or the flow rate quantity, the new JUMO AQUIS touch S provides a central platform for displaying and further processing the corresponding sensor signals. Up to four analysis parameters can be connected directly and others can be connected using standard signals. The device can measure and manage up to ten parameters simultaneously. Frequency inputs (counters) are available for flow rate measurements.

Measured values can also be converted into standard signals 0/4 to 20 mA or 0/2 to 10 V and exported as such for further processing in a controller/PLC.

Various measurement parameters can be used for extensive calculations as part of the integrated logic and math modules. The results of the calculations can in turn be displayed or used for switching tasks.

A 5.5" color screen with touchscreen function is used to display all parameters as well as to operate and configure the device. A proven, clear operating philosophy makes an operating manual almost unnecessary. The operating language is adjustable. Other than all the usual European languages, Russian and Chinese are also available. In the language library, which can be expanded by the customers, over 30 operating languages can be selected.
As a result the device is ideally suited for worldwide use. C-UL approval is currently planned.

Single and double relay cards as well as wear-free semiconductor switches and PhotoMOS relays (useful for high switching frequencies) are available as switching outputs. A maximum of 17 switching outputs can be fitted.
In addition to razor sharp display of measured values and device states, up to four independent control circuits can be defined. Here, proven JUMO control algorithms are used for P, PI, PD, and PID control. Controller outputs can be freely used for pulse frequency or pulse length control of dosing pumps and solenoid valves. Analog controller outputs (0/4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V) and modulating controller functionality are also available. Other than these higher control algorithms, alarm values and limit values can be freely defined for each measured parameter.

Another highlight is the integrated paperless recorder. Four analog and three binary signals can be recorded simultaneously in two groups and be displayed as a graph on the screen (similar to a paper recorder). Data is stored internally and is protected in the event of a voltage supply failure.
The saving process is protected against tampering. This allows the device to meet official record-keeping requirements without using any additional devices. Data can be read using a PC program or conventional USB stick and further processed with a separate software. The stick is inserted in the USB host interface on the outside so that the device does not need to be opened. Measurement data or device setup data can be loaded or exported.

Additional functions:
Events can be triggered by time control with two integrated timers (week timer). This, for example, allows the implementation of nighttime reduction in controller operation, etc.

An integrated USB device interface enables the connection of a PC or laptop for parameterization and data exchange using a PC setup program.
The device can be integrated into a LAN through an Ethernet interface. This is another method to access data and measured values.
A web server function is available so that measured values and device states can be monitored from any location in the world with Internet access through a standard web browser.
The JUMO AQUIS touch S can also export alarms and other messages by SMS text message or e-mail.
A PROFIBUS-DP interface or up to two RS422/485 interfaces with Modbus protocol are available to integrate the device into more complex controllers and process systems.

Areas of application:

The JUMO AQUIS touch S has a modular design. For the most part, measurement inputs and switching/digital/analog outputs can be freely retrofitted and changed.

A large, wall-mounted case with protection rating IP67 allows the installation of the device in various sized process, water, and environmental systems as a standalone central measuring unit.

Because the device is highly flexible and adaptable, possible areas of application can be found almost everywhere: Drinking and swimming pool water monitoring, municipal and industrial wastewater plants, process systems, cooling tower control, ion exchangers, RO systems, pharmaceutical water, CIP systems, etc.

Exception: Since ATEX approval is not planned, the device cannot be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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