Advanced Functions on JUMO Bimetal Switches Save Time and Money

Bimetal switches from JUMO are used in a wide variety of applications such as in cooling or heating circuits, compressors, or engines. Now, the switches are even better suited to applications in compact plants. The switching element is placed directly in the heating process and can be combined with a temperature sensor.

Bimetal switches are threaded and can be directly screwed into the process. This saves considerable time during installation and offers a decisive advantage for local temperature monitoring and indication. The new generation of the JUMO bimetal switch 608301 can now also be combined with a Pt1000 temperature sensor. This means two functions are combined in a single enclosure. The temperature sensor can be connected to a controller for controlling the heating process. As before, the bimetal switch mechanically safeguards the process by opening the contact once the switching temperature is reached.

Using the new bimetal switches, users can save half the time and material costs for installing the sensors. This is because two installation locations used to be necessary: one for the temperature sensor and one for the bimetal switch. Due to the new switch/sensor combination, one of these installation spots is no longer required. The compact design of the fitting means that the switch/sensor combination can even be easily installed in places that are difficult to reach and smaller plants.

The switch can be used in existing plants and it can also be integrated into new developments. A large selection of electrical connection options, ranging from an M12 connector or a DIN bayonet connector to a permanently connected cable, ensures that the bimetal switch can be flexibly used in a variety of application environments.

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