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Ulrike Storm

Product Manager Analytical Measurement


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Matthias Kremer

Market segment manager water and wastewater


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The water quality makes the difference

All over the world more and more fish and crustaceans are being bred on commercial fishfarms in so called aquacultures: in ponds, breeding tanks, net enclosures, and net cages. Among the different species of fish, freshwater fish such as carp or tilapia as well as sea fish such as salmon, bream, halibut, or tuna are particularly well suited for breeding of this kind. Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing sector in food production. System manufacturers or operators know how complicated and challenging fish breeding in aquacultures is. The water quality is the decisive factor which depends on reliable processes and accurate measurement technology. Here, JUMO is at your side as a reliable partner.

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Breeding tank

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Net-enclosure systems

Net-enclosure systems

Remote monitoring of aqua farms with a systematic approach

Aqua farms breed thousands of young fish up to the slaughtering stage. Stock success and maximum yield largely depend on the well-being of the animals. A sufficient supply of oxygen is essential and therefore needs to be continuously monitored. The modular measuring and control system JUMO AQUIS touch S, in conjunction with the optical oxygen sensor JUMO digiLine O-DO, provides continuous and reliable measuring data in real time. The temperature can also be extracted via the sensor’s digital interface. Controlling these two parameters means that one can draw conclusions about the growth process of the fish and their feed utilization. Based on this data the feed quantities and times can be optimized and tailored to the needs of the fish populations.

Complete control

with JUMO AQUIS touch S

Additional sensors can be connected to the JUMO AQUIS touch S and the environmental conditions inside and outside the individual cages can be acquired by determining such measurands as the pH value, conductivity, or turbidity. In this way, germination of the enclosures can be prevented. Simple data control via the control system or mobile devices is possible thanks to the implementation of Internet-based interfaces in JUMO AQUIS touch S or thanks to the connection of radio-based technologies.


JUMO AQUIS touch S measures and controls a wide range of measured variables

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Live fish transport

Mobile, worldwide access to important measurement data

Fish must be transported so that they reach their destination safe and sound. The oxygen concentration and temperature need to be monitored simultaneously in each tank. Measuring and control devices from the JUMO AQUIS touch series with its expanded JUMO digiLine functionality enable the connection of up to six JUMO digiLine O-DO digital oxygen sensors. The temperature can be extracted using the temperature probe that is integrated in the sensor.

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