Bachelor of Arts

Industrial Management

Studying and shaping the future on the side? No problem! With the dual study program at JUMO.

Your profile:

  • Completed vocational training (in the electrotechnical, information technology or commercial field) and subject-specific or general entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences/university entrance qualification
  • Good grades in mathematics, German and English
  • mathematics achievement course for technical courses of study of high importance
  • analytical skills, conceptual way of thinking and a structured way of working
  • independence, ability to work in a team and reliability
  • organizational and communication skills as well as assertiveness
  • Ability to work under pressure, assertiveness, high willingness to learn and commitment

Organizational principles:

  • The dual study program combines a scientific study with a practice-integrated training in the company.
  • The study program lasts 3 years and is divided into 6 study semesters, each with 12 weeks of theory and 12 weeks of practice.
  • At the end of the 12-week theory phases, examinations are held for the completed modules. The 6th semester is used, among other things, for writing the bachelor's thesis.
  • The degrees of accredited dual study programs are equivalent to those of universities and universities of applied sciences and allow access to master's degree programs at universities in Germany and abroad.

Does this apply to you?

Are you looking for a real alternative to traditional business studies at university, where you can acquire a first-class qualification in the shortest possible time and also get paid? Do you also want to take on attractive and responsible tasks and enjoy dealing with other people, languages and cultures? Then this course of study should be just right for you.

... and this is how the program works:

In the first four semesters of theory, you will study the most important functional areas of an industrial company, including marketing, materials and production management, human resources management, finance and accounting/controlling, international business, administration and e-business. In the third year of study, you will specialize in two of these functional areas. In addition to a comprehensive basic education in economics, the program provides training in key qualifications such as presentation techniques and rhetoric. During the individual practical phases, you will put into practice what you have learned in theory. You will work in various functional areas of the company and work independently on business projects and problems. Active integration in project teams, customer and supplier contacts, and personality-building seminars will also promote your methodological and social skills.

... and after graduation:

If you show initiative and commitment, many doors will be open to you: Graduates of this degree program are often employed in middle management or at the middle management level in particular. Entry-level positions in project management as well as in specialist areas such as logistics, purchasing, sales, human resources or marketing are possible fields of employment. As part of the use of the English language integrated into the course, there is the possibility of working temporarily in one of our foreign subsidiaries. Depending on your personal goals and operational commitment, you will have a wide range of opportunities for further training and promotion at your disposal.