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Work-life balance

You need balance to reach your full potential

As an internationally successful company we understand that we owe most of our success to the people that work here. We are convinced that our employees can only achieve their full potential if they have a good work-life balance. We think that a crucial contributing factor to this involves being led and supported with respect as well as having enough time for one's family and for leisure activities after a hard day's work. That is why we support our employees in finding the right balance between work and leisure time as well as by promoting their health and their personal development.

Family-friendly & flexible working hours

Everyone has different family circumstances or has their own life situation to deal with. We place a huge emphasis on being a family-friendly company. We offer flextime and over 100 different working hours models so that we can be flexible in finding a solution that works for our employees. For families we offer individually tailored part-time solutions that work around school hours, kindergarten hours, or the time required to care for dependants. We are a family business – in every sense!

Corporate health management policy

We all spend a substantial proportion of our lives at work. As a result, a crucial factor for the health and well-being of our employees is the framework conditions they encounter at JUMO as well as how the company shapes these conditions. Equally important, however, is how each of us, as individuals, care for ourselves and our health.

Health days, sports activities, and regularly organized courses designed to prevent health problems (e.g. back fitness, Nordic Walking, nutrition) help to keep our health front of mind, promote physical fitness, and, last but not least, foster a community spirit among our employees. And for our trainees we have devised a training program called "AZUBIfit" that is specifically aimed at promoting their health and well-being.

We also look after the specific workplace environment conditions, carry out surveys, and run workshops to come up with collaborative solutions to reduce health risks. At JUMO, health matters are an integral component of our day-to-day operations.

JUMO at RhönEnergie Challenge Run 2019

JUMO shows team spirit at the Challenge Run in Fulda: ready and raring to go – year after year!

IHK Prädikat

Awarded for the second time: JUMO's health management policy (Certificate in German language)

Continuous professional development

The working world is changing rapidly. All the more important to keep pace with the present and ensure our expertise is up to date. Henry Ford once said: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." That is why, at JUMO, we actively support our employees with both their professional and personal development so that they are constantly evolving themselves and their expertise. After all, we know that this is a key factor for the success of our company and, at the same time, for the happiness and motivation of our employees. And, last but not least, it makes a further, important contribution to achieving a work-life balance.

Whether webinars, e-learning courses, or attendance-based seminars: employee development at JUMO is varied.