Temperature is one of the most important measurands in many industries as well as one of JUMO's core areas since the company was established. The high level of expertise and wide product range reflect that background. Temperature sensors and temperature probes, such as RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and even wireless temperature measurement are successfully implemented in various applications. These range from room temperature measurement in building management all the way to high temperature measurements in furnace construction.

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Screw-in RTD temperature probe for combined cold and heat meters for direct mounting (type DS/DL) Basic type: 902455
    • Temp.: 0 to 120 °C (cold) / 180 °C (heat)
    • Temperature sensor: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
    • Insertion length: 25 to 60 mm / 60 to 210 mm
    JUMO variTRON 300

    JUMO variTRON 300

    Central processing unit for automation system with optional wireless interface Basic type: 705003
      • Modern protocols (e.g. OPC UA, MQTT)
      • Customer-specific parameters (CPV editor)
      • JUMO Wtrans receiver (optional)