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Humidity calibration

As a renowned solution provider of sensor and automation technology, we not only offer you humidity sensors from the manufacturer, but also the necessary calibrations. Both ISO calibrations as well as accredited calibrations, that can be carried out in the laboratory or on site, are possible. You benefit from:

Humidity calibration in the laboratory

Hygrometer, transmitter, and data logger for direct acquisition of relative humidity
Measuring range 10 to 98 % Extended measurement uncertainty 0.7 % + 1.09 - 10-2 - RH
Measuring conditions Calibration in a climate chamber, air temperature 10 to 95 °C, DKD-R 5-8:2019 (German calibration service)

Reliable calibration with traceable calibration certificate

Humidity calibration is carried out in comparison with an external thermometer and an external hygrometer (dew point) in the climate chamber. The measurement uncertainty is expressed as an absolute value of the relative humidity and documented in the calibration certificate. Traceability to national and international standards creates international validity, guarantees the highest possible accuracy of the calibrated device, and ensures less process downtime.

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Humidity Calibration

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