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Wide range of temperature transmitters and signal converters/supply isolators

Small but Powerful: JUMO dTRANS T08 and JUMO dTRANS S08

The JUMO dTRANS T08 series and the JUMO dTRANS S08 series comprise an extensive portfolio of nine transmitters and 13 signal/isolating converters. All products are characterized by a high level of accuracy and insulation resistance in a slim housing format. Furthermore, they impress users with an excellent price-performance ratio.


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The temperature transmitters and signal/isolating converters in the series have a width of only six millimeters and can be mounted on standard DIN rails or special power rails without the need for an air gap. This saves valuable space during installation. At the same time, the devices are characterized by a high level of accuracy and very good galvanic isolation.

Another special feature is the fast on-site startup even without a PC or setup program. DIP switches can be used to select over 1,000 different measuring ranges for the temperature transmitters or the requested signal characteristics for the signal converters.

The basic accuracy is up to 0.05 % in all available signal ranges, while a galvanic isolation of 2.5 kV AC has been tested for all devices. Wiring errors do not cause damage as all terminals are protected against voltages of up to ± 31.2 V DC.

The short response time of less than 30 milliseconds for the temperature transmitters and less than 7 milliseconds for the signal converters means that the fast conversion of signals for the control system can be guaranteed for process measurements. The transmitters are therefore suitable for rapidly changing signals, such as thermocouple sensors, while the signal/supply isolators are suitable for voltage supply and signal isolation for two-wire transmitters.

The transmitters can be used in a wide ambient temperature range from -25 to +70 °C and have an extremely low temperature drift during signal processing. The high insulation resistance of 2.5 kV AC allows for stable measurement with critical sensor/signal potential couplings. Extensive approvals such as UL, DNV GL, ATEX, and IECEx allow for use in a wide range of applications and application areas.

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