Multifunctional four-wire transmitter for a wide range of applications

JUMO dTRANS T06 Junior Offers Great Performance in Compact Housing

The JUMO dTRANS T06 Junior in a mounting rail case is the entry-level model in the world of JUMO four-wire transmitters. Customer-specific linearization makes the device an optimal solution for a wide range of applications in plant engineering. A width of 17.5 mm allows it to save space when installed in a control cabinet and thereby enables simple expansion of an existing plant.

Despite its compact design the JUMO dTRANS T06 offers a wide range of functions. RTD temperature probes, up to 16 thermocouple types, potentiometers, or resistance transmitters can be connected to the reliable and robust measurement input.

The high degree of measuring accuracy in combination with the galvanic isolation and probe break monitoring ensure a high level of process reliability even under critical environmental influences.

In addition, useful functions such as a drag indicator and an operating hours counter enable fast startup and plannable maintenance. The transmitter can be set quickly and conveniently via the front-based micro-USB socket using configuration software and a notebook – without additional auxiliary voltage.

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