Durability Guaranteed: JUMO MIDAS C18 SW Titanium Pressure Transmitter

Compact and sturdy design, outstanding signal stability, and long-lasting material durability enable the new JUMO MIDAS C18 SW pressure transmitter to record relative pressures in organic mediums and mediums containing chloride. As a result, it is especially suitable for laboratory technology or companies in the water and wastewater industry.

The JUMO MIDAS C18 SW has a piezoresistive, ceramic-based pressure sensor that uses thick-film technology. It not only exhibits excellent long-term stability, but also an overload resistance that is three times the final measurement value. The use of ceramic as a material and the design of the oil-free measuring cell also reduce hysteresis effects to a minimum.

For this pressure transmitter JUMO integrates the ceramic measuring unit in a titanium process connection and encloses it in a case. That ensures high corrosion resistance and opens up new solutions in application areas such as seawater desalination plants or reverse osmosis plants.

The measuring instrument is able to record pressures in measuring ranges from 0 to 1.6 bar up to 0 to 100 bar and to make them available as standard signals. These standard signals are 4 to 20 mA (two wires) and DC 0 to 10V (three wires). The maximum temperature of the medium in which the overall system can operate is 125 °C

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