New communication protocol for all devices in the series

JUMO TYA 203 Expands SCR Power Controller Series

The JUMO power controller series is being supplemented with the new device type TYA 203, a fully fledged three-phase power controller. This enables the actuation of three-phase loads in three-phase networks with all operating modes and the simultaneous detection of partial load failures.

The new power controller is typically used in furnace construction, where temperatures of 1400 °C and higher need to be reached. Silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide are used as the heating elements. Both materials have particular electrical features that can be activated easily with the JUMO TYA power controllers.

A further advantage is the "Teach-in" function, which allows the alarm limit values for the detection of partial load failures to be set automatically. The cyclical calibration ensures permanent and precise detection of partial load failure, even if the specifications of the heating element are changed. The TYA 203 series is available in currents from 20 to 250 A and mains voltages of up to 500 V.

In addition, in future all the JUMO power controllers will be equipped with a new, Ethernet-based communication protocol. The new interface provides more data in a shorter time. This also enables the constant transfer of process data such as load current, load voltage, and impedance. However, specifications on energy consumption and diagnosis functions such as mains voltage fluctuations, partial load failure, and excess temperature are also evaluated.

The real-time capability of the interface enables several power controllers to be synchronized in combination with the JUMO mTRON T automation system. In addition, this capability also enables the management of load currents. The system determines the overall output of the process and regulates the individual output of the power controllers to prevent the system from exceeding the predefined current limits. This avoids energy peaks and reduces power costs.

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