Securing the water quality in ballast water tanks

Water quality control

When treating ballast water, it is essential to monitor the water quality. For this purpose, both the pH value and the conductivity are measured. In order to control the disinfection of the ballast water free chlorine is measured as well. With JUMO you can measure, control and record all the ballast water treatment applications.

Our components for water quality assurance

Protection of aquatic ecosystems worldwide

Reliable measurement of pH value, conductivity and free chlorine

JUMO's sensors for liquid analysis reliably measure pH value, conductivity and free chlorine in ballast water. In this way, you can ensure that the requirements of the ballast water regulations with regard to general water quality, salt content and, above all, the proportion of viruses and microorganisms are observed. The successful ballast water treatment can also be controlled with JUMO technology and recorded for verification purposes.

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