Innovation and product management

Studying and shaping the future on the side? No problem! With the dual study program at JUMO. Are you looking for a course of study with technical and business management content? Are you interested in the combination of basic knowledge in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering together with subject-specific lectures in business administration? Then the Industrial Engineering - Innovation and Product Management degree program is just right for you.


  • Subject-related or general technical/higher education entrance qualification
  • Good performance in mathematics (advanced course), German and English
  • Interest in technical and business contexts
  • Analytical skills, conceptual thinking and a structured way of working
  • Organizational and communication skills as well as assertiveness
  • Completed training in the electrotechnical, metalworking or commercial field is an advantage

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"The dual study program gives you the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge from the lectures practically in the company at JUMO at an early stage. This means that you are involved in the processes at an early stage and can thus build up valuable practical knowledge."

former dual student

Organizational principles:

  • The dual study program combines a scientific study with a practice-integrated training in the company.
  • The study program lasts 3 years and is divided into 6 study semesters, each with 12 weeks of theory and 12 weeks of practice.
  • At the end of the 12-week theory phases, examinations are held for the completed modules. The 6th semester is used, among other things, for writing the bachelor's thesis.
  • The degrees of accredited dual study programs are equivalent to those of universities and universities of applied sciences and allow access to master's degree programs at universities in Germany and abroad.
Course of studies
Theory phases Teaching of detailed fundamentals in the modules mathematics, technical mechanics, design engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering as well as in finance and accounting, business administration and economics (basic studies).
Deepening of basic studies with further subject areas such as product/innovation management and intercultural management, partly in English (main studies)
Practical phases assignment in technical and business departments of the company such as product management, sales, etc.
Consolidation and application of theoretical knowledge in practice
participation in projects
independent processing of problems
possibility of a subsidized semester abroad

After the study

  • Wide range of application areas, e.g. in product management, key account management, technical sales or technical purchasing
    Takeover opportunities in middle management or in the middle management level
  • Possibility to work as an expatriate in a foreign subsidiary
  • Abundance of continuing education and advancement opportunities available



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