JUMO wins two awards at the German Ideas Management Award 2021

Creativity is rewarded!

The German Ideas Management Award honors companies and individuals who set an example in ideas management. The nationwide competition is regarded as the highest award in idea management in Germany and is awarded by an independent jury of experts from science and practice. JUMO idea management was able to win prizes in two categories in this year's prestigious competition.


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The awards were presented by Roland Rausch, managing director of the "Center for Idea Management", during a corona-like ceremony. At the award ceremony, Monika Thom, Head of JUMO Ideas Management, emphasized the importance of strategic ideas management for JUMO: "Year after year, our employees submit several hundred suggestions for consideration, which can be used to improve processes and communication at JUMO. This treasure trove of ideas is an important element in permanently developing the group of companies further."

In the category "Best Idea in Production and Technology," second place went to Daniel Schmitt and Daniel Achatz. They had developed a methodology to achieve a 20 percent increase in efficiency in machines for selecting temperature sensors. This saved investment costs in the six-figure range.

In the category "Best Trainee Idea", JUMO won first prize with the idea of commercial trainee Jacqueline Müller. At her suggestion, the printed accompanying documents for defect recording (which always had to be recreated and checked to ensure they were up to date) were replaced by the current drawing, which is only actually printed when necessary. This saves time and material, and avoids paper waste.

The aim of the "German Ideas Management Award" is to highlight the importance of ideas management in companies and to enhance the reputation of the award-winning companies among customers and partners. In addition, the employer brand is strengthened in the eyes of applicants and junior staff by underlining the importance of employee involvement in practice.

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