Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

The enzymes formed during malting convert the starch from the barley into sugar in the mash tun. As the enzymes are very sensitive to temperature, it is essential to have a reliable temperature measurement system which responds quickly.

Special challenge

Enzymes are extremely sensitive to temperature
Process data
Pre-mash temperature 30 to 35 °C
Mash temperature between 45 and 78 °C

Recommended solution for temperature monitoring

Optimum temperature process during mashing

Our solution for temperature monitoring

The important parameters for mashing (temperature and time) are optimally controlled by the JUMO DICON touch, and reliably documented with the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 recorder. For example, for temperature measurement, the screw-in RTD temperature probe with terminal head and tapered probe tip is used as it protects the temperature-sensitive enzymes due to its faster response times.

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