Electronics technician (m/f/d) - devices and systems

Technology excites you and you are fascinated by the incredible the incredible possibilities of modern electronics? You would like to learn plan production processes, advise customers and instruct them in the operation of certain devices and systems? how to operate certain devices and systems? If the world of electronics is familiar to you and you enjoy working with other people then training as an electronics technician (m/f/d) - devices and systems devices and systems, is just right for you.

Departments & Tasks
Training center basic training, exam preparation before intermediate and final exams, project work.
Service or repair department electronic recording of repair devices, troubleshooting, checking and testing devices,
Analytical instrumentation cable assembly, support of production steps
Automation technology assembly of controllers and recorders, calibration of devices, high-voltage tests, packaging of terminal devices
Development realize project work with support of employees, supervise product development
Testing/calibration of electronic assemblies

Testing/calibration of electronic assemblies

Project work in the training center

Project work in the training center


  • Good secondary school diploma or (technical) high school diploma
  • good performance in mathematics and physics
  • good English and PC skills
  • technical interest, manual skills
  • good spatial imagination
  • Ability to work in a team, commitment and reliability

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"I like the fact that I can independently handle the individual production steps of a complete production order."

1st year of training

"I like the AZUBIfit modules because they offer useful tips for everyday life at work and at home."

2nd year of training

"The change of department every three months allows me to get to know all the different production areas."

3rd year of training


Please send us your application by e-mail in a PDF document.

Your contact person

Head of Technical Training

Frank Blasinger +49 661 6003-2202 +49 661 6003-2202