Glass apparatus maker (m/f/d)

You have a steady hand and a good spatial imagination? Have you always been fascinated by forming objects from glass tubes and rods? You work very carefully, have manual skills and can handle tweezers and glass knives with confidence? Then the training as a glass apparatus maker (m/f/d) should give you great pleasure.

possible departments & tasks
Analytical metrology basic training and instruction in the use of the various processing tools; processing of glass, plastics, metals and glass ceramics; measurement, testing and adjustment of the finished glass apparatus.
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Machining glass apparatus

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Adjustment of machines and burners


  • Good secondary school diploma or good (technical) high school diploma
  • good performance in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • technical interest, manual skills
  • good spatial awareness and technical interest
  • Ability to work in a team, commitment, reliability

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"Glass is multifaceted in its function, shaping and use, just like the profession and the training as a glass apparatus maker. Be there with fire and flame!"

2nd year of training


Please send us your application by e-mail in a PDF document.

Your contact person

Glass technical training management

Natalie Müller +49 661 6003 9575 +49 661 6003 9575