More than a qualified apprenticeship

Other than imparting technical knowledge and skills, apprenticeships at JUMO are especially targeted toward personal development and building up teamwork skills. JUMO educates people who confidently take responsibility for themselves and others, demonstrate social involvement, and identify with the company. Apprentices will discover that JUMO is an expert partner for their career start. This is also confirmed by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) on behalf of FOCUS Money: JUMO is ranked second in the "Measurement Technology" sector, making it one of the 800 best training companies in Germany.


JUMO can train you in different areas and for different occupations. On the one hand, this includes the industrial and technical apprenticeship trades of electrical engineering, information technology, glass technology, and metal technology. On the other hand are the commercial occupations. But just as JUMO is "more than sensors + automation" our apprenticeships are "more than education". This is where you can learn about the various apprenticeship trades and find out what more we can offer beyond professional qualifications.

Nach einer Studie des Instituts für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) im Auftrag des FOCUS belegt JUMO als Ausbildungsbetrieb Platz 2 in der Branche Messtechnik. Damit zählt JUMO zu den 800 besten Ausbildungsbetrieben in Deutschland.

Apprentice information technology

Apprentice: information technology

Apprentice electronics technician – devices and systems

Apprentice: electronics technician – devices and systems

Apprentice: industrial mechanic

JUMO apprentices in front of a travel coach

Our apprentices on their big adventure

JUMO AzubiMobil

More flexibility for our apprentices: the JUMO Azubi-Mobil.

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Please mail your application to the following address or send it via email (PDF document) if you prefer:

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Moritz-Juchheim-Str. 1
36039 Fulda

Brochure Apprenticeship & Dual Studies

All of the information you need about apprenticeships at JUMO (available in German only).



We offer a learning-by-doing day specifically for our metal and electrical engineering apprenticeship trades with the opportunity to get to know the relevant skilled occupations, apprenticeship content, the apprenticeship supervisors, as well as JUMO as a company. Interested parties can take part in a workshop to ascertain their technical abilities and already gain some initial practical experience.

The learning-by-doing day is designed to help you with your career choices and does not constitute an entry qualification for the application process. However, interested parties should ideally meet the above requirements of the individual apprenticeship trades.

Your contact persons

Head of Technical Training

Frank Blasinger +49 661 6003-2202 +49 661 6003-2202

Head of Commercial Vocational Training

Tamara Stauch +49 661 6003-2146 +49 661 6003-2146

Information technology training

Karsten Röth +49 661 6003-9139 +49 661 6003-9139

Glass technology training

Daniel Gäbler +49 661 6003-659 +49 661 6003-659

Career aptitude tests

Are you still unsure which apprenticeship trade is the best one for you or would you like to know which career is best suited to you? The Internet offers numerous professional aptitude tests that can give you an initial orientation. It's worth giving them a go. Here are some links (German websites):